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1 year ago

Exciting Chhattisgarh and North East India Tour Packages

Rich culture, people and landscapes of India thrills the soul of travelers. All the parts of India have some great tourist destinations and best for multiple travel ideas. You can plan tour vacations in any region to enjoy the fullest of your time and money. Ranging from adventure trips to religious tours to temples and monuments, everything can be planned well with an expert tour and travel management company.

In this segment, tropical Vacations Company is a reliable name to consider for planning your next trip in India. Especially through the north east India tour packages, travelers get more options to nosh their excitements. Everything will be planned by the experienced tour managers to provide complete peace of mind to the travelers. Online booking adds more convenience to the holiday planning with this agency.

Explore the Zest of Chhattisgarh Tourism:

Chhattisgarh tribal tour and some other packages are preferred by both local as well as international tourists. From a big number of tourist places in the state, you can cover some popular destinations through the north east India tour packages. It is one of the most affordable tour packages available to explore the beauty and essence of Chhattisgarh tourism.

The exclusive and ethnic Chhattisgarh tribal tour packages are full of excitements for all kinds of backpackers. During the trip days, you will get the chance to visit to the remote areas and discover the culture, living and simplicity of the tribal life.


1 year ago

How to Book Affordable Odisha Tour Packages Online

The Indian state Odisha is a popular touristy land with various attraction and destinations. Your journey to the tourist places in this state will make your travelling wishes fulfilled. You can choose this point for any kind of travel idea, ranging from spiritual to wild life adventurous trips. Tropical Vacations is a reputable agency for both local and international backpackers. Especially, Odisha tour packages from this company available at economical prices and promise of greater excitements.

Explore the Best of Odisha Tourism:

You will get loads of options to complement your travelling mood. Tropical Vacations Company offers budget friendly and exclusive Odisha tour packages to explore the essence of beauty and culture of the land.

When you set Odisha as your tourist destination, you will get twenty plus packages to decide on. These include all the popular touristy destinations and some interesting tour packages to know the culture, fair and festivals of Odisha. Hindu temples, Buddhist heritages, tribal trips and everything is available for you.

Wildlife is another alluring feature of Odisha tourism for all kinds of travelers. Being an Eastern State in India and next to the sea, it has lots of biodiversity, wide spread beach and lush greenery. Wildlife sanctuaries, tiger reserve, and many more entice the excited local and international travelers.

Select any of the packages available on the website. See the tour itinerary and book the best package that meets your expectations. Provide your personal details and confirm your booking online using the website itself.


1 year ago

Exclusive Tour Packages for Buddhist Tourism in India

Buddhism is a significant part of India’s history, culture and ethics. There are lots of things to explore as a Buddhist traveler. You can find special tour packages from leading tour and travel management companies. Along with Nepal and Tibet, India has some great attractions those are promoting Buddhist tourism in India. You can add more excitement to your tour itinerary by visiting South India and other regions through this trip.

Buddhist Tour Packages – The Buddhism followers will the chance to enjoy the best moments of their lives during these tours. Tropical Vacations as a leading tour and travel management company offers exclusive tour packages and promoting Buddhist tourism in India.Whether it is Buddhist Monastery with East India or Buddhist pilgrimage tour, you are going to experience an unforgettable trip. All the Buddhism sacred places included in the tour plans.

Visiting Tourist Places in South India – The south region of India upholds the tourist interests with many popular tourist destinations. Religious, wildlife and many other tour ideas feel empowered with those places. Tropical Vacations Company has some exclusive tour packages for tourist places in South India.

During these multi-day and night tours, you will find all comfort and conveniences with ease. You can book any of these tour packages using the website itself at affordable prices. The Buddhist Monastery with Kerala is a special tour plan that enriches the interest of Buddhist tourism as well as let you visit South India.


1 year ago

Amazing Destinations for Buddhist Tourism in India

The land of India holds the true value of mixed religions and is home to several significant world heritage sites of different religions. Taking a tour of Indian subcontinent makes aware anyone about its rich cultural diversity. Different regions and states of this country speak for itself in a distinguished manner.  Indeed, planning for Buddhist tourism in India is an impeccable way to explore the beautiful marvels of the country. In addition to that, there are varieties of other inexplicable locations which are astounding enough to etch a deep memory within.

Be in awe with Buddhist tourism in India

Moving towards the eastern part of India, the locations here are bestowed with unique places of Buddhism.

Some of them are briefly explained below:-

Bodhgaya: It is one of main Buddhist pilgrimage sites of India where Lord Buddha achieved his enlightenment under the sacred Bodhi tree. Also, a visit to the Mahabodhi temple complex is truly enticing experience due to impressive religious architecture over there.
Sarnath: The place of Sarnath is extremely famous as it is place where Lord Buddha gave his first sermon. Some of the distinguished structures which has sustained from the ruins include the Dhamek Stupa, Chaukhandi Stupa and Ashokan Pillar. It also features the anthropological museum several artifacts.
Bhubaneswar: Most of the notable Odisha tour packages do feature the tour to this city of temples. It houses several remarkable Buddhist tourism attractions like the caves of Khandagiri-Udaigiri, Dhauli for the Ashokan rock edicts and State museum for Buddhist archaeological sculptures and other places like Ratnagiri for Odisha tourism of Buddhism influenced locations.

Inexplicable locations of South India

There are a great numbers of magnificent tourist places in South India which can delight anyone visiting there. Some of them are:-

Andhra Pradesh: One of the coastal states in eastern India having the tremendous bunch of tourism places over here. Starting from religious destinations of different faiths to the amazing beaches, these places of interests are worth visiting every time. Some of the popular locations are the Araku valley in Vizag, Horsley hills in Chittoor, Temples of Simhachalam and Tirumala in Vizag, Vijaywada’s Temple of Kanak Durga and lots more.

Telangana: A tour of Telangana is a must to observe the monuments like Charminar, Tombs of Qutub Shahi, Golconda fort, Birla Mandir and also religious places such as Jogulamba Temple, Bhadrachalam Temple and Temple of Thousand pillar.

Karnataka: This state is well-known for the palaces, technological hubs and picturesque locations. Some of the places are mostly preferred by tourists include the Hoysala temples, Gol Gumbaz, Bangalore IT city, Jog Falls and Udupi Sri Krishna Matha Temple.

Kerala: When the topic of best tourist places in South India is raised, the state of Kerala is in the first place due to those exotic destinations in here. Praised for its tradition and heritage, the state is called as God’s own country.

Tamil Nadu: The temple state of India has grand temples of Hindu featuring the Dravidian architecture and other multiple religious sites. Moreover, tourists enjoy the beautiful beaches and hill stations over here.


1 year ago

Wondrous Marvels of Aboriginal Tribes and Wild Life Odisha

Planning for a tour in India? Want to discover the aboriginal life? Take the visit to Odisha to discover the traditions of tribal people. Yes, the tribal groups are spread over the different areas in this state which you can visit and explore their lifestyle. Official statistics indicate that there could be around 62 tribal groups over here. Each of these groups has some distinctive characteristics along with many similarities which is notable.

Your plan of Odisha tribal tour will let you know about the following:-

Types: Although, they are tribal people but they too have different modes of livelihood and some of them rely on cultivation, hunting, agriculture, cattle herding, industries, and a list of few.

Daily life: The Odisha tribal tour will let you experience their delectable cuisines, cultural practices, folk songs and dances, and so on. It gives a clear perspective of how they spend their life.

Coming on to the other aspect of this state is the wild life Odisha which has amassed collections of natural marvels including endangered species of fauna and avifauna, affluent biodiversity, picturesque landscapes and waterfalls and many more.

Odisha covers one of the prominent portions of wildlife tourism in India and you would love to travel around. Places like the UNESCO recognized Similipal Biosphere Reserve and wildlife sanctuary is the true example of wildlife. Similarly, the Chilika Bird Sanctuary will let you find the different rare avifauna species and migratory birds coming from distant places.

Plan the trip with a reliable travel agency and visit the beautiful locations of Odisha.


1 year ago

Plan a Trip for Tourist Places in South India and Odisha

India has an amassed wealth of variety of magnificent tourist attractions which are spread over throughout every region or corner of the country. You can discover the legendary places of religious interests, picturesque beauties, amazing wild life and impressive contemporary India. Starting from Jammu and Kashmir in the north to Tamil Nadu in the south, there are remarkable destinations which must be visited at least once in a life. Similarly, the unexplored North eastern side states are plethora of natural attractions with some surprising marvels.

In the eastern region of India, you can take a trip for Odisha tourism and travel around the state for several interesting locations. This is the land of much revered Lord Jagannath where you can visit a lot of exotic places of interest such as the Shrine temple of Shree Jagannath at Puri, Bhubaneswar Temple City, Wildlife parks of Odisha and so on. For Buddhist tourism in India, especially in Odisha, you can plan for the visit to caves of Khandagiri and Udaigiri, Ashokan rock edicts at Dhauli, Ratnagiri and several places influenced of Buddhism. You can forward toward the Odisha tour packages offered by the tour agencies or companies and hire the best of them for the trip.
Similarly, there are several tourist places in South India which cannot be missed such as the Charminar in Telangana, Golconda fort of Andhra Pradesh, Mysore Palace in Karnataka, Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu, Padmanabha Swamy Temple in Kerala and lots more. Consult the different agencies with regards to arrangement and other facilities offered by them. Compare the packages and then choose the one suitable for you.


1 year ago

Planning Tips for Chhattisgarh Tourism and Travel

The Indian subcontinent has amassed wealth of diversified regions having ecstatic places of interest. Each region of this country demonstrates an exclusive part of India. This land of rich cultural heritage is home to several architectural marvels as well as contemporary structures. The different states of India have their own specific value but all of them unify its each and every citizen. On the eastern side of India, the state of Chhattisgarh is extremely popular of variety of tourist attractions. Moreover, the Chhattisgarh tribal tour gives the glimpse of the aboriginal people and their lifestyle.

If you are planning for a Chhattisgarh tourism package, then you may take a look on the following:-

Research: Discover the different packages offered by those agencies you have hired or going to hire. It depends a lot on your time management, therefore, look the itinerary which suits your schedule.

Arrangements: Cross check with the agencies regarding travelling tickets, hotels or lodges for stay, transport and assistant or guides for the tour. Secondly, you must enquire about the budget beforehand and plan accordingly to avoid irrelevant expenses.

You may like to choose the north east India tour packages to explore the marvelous places of those states. These locations are full of serene natural beauties and unique cultural values. You will find amazing waterfalls, picturesque landscapes, exotic hill stations, deep dales and lush green forests here. Other than that, there are national parks like Kaziranga where your will discover variety of animals including the endangered ones.


1 year ago

Experience the Wonders of Tribal Life and Wildlife Odisha

The Indian subcontinent has a plethora of tourist destinations in every corner. Each region divided by states present their own distinctive culture and heritage. On the eastern side of the country, the state of Odisha and the land of Lord Shree Jagannath, there are extensive places of interest related nature, religion, wildlife, people as well as modern and contemporary structures. If you want to know about the aboriginal people of India, then you can pick the Odisha tribal tour package. Take the trip to find the tribes of Odisha and observe their way of life.

There are around 62 tribes in Odisha including the Kondh, Baiga, Kisan, Dongariya and Bonda tribes. These people engage in different works starting from farm cultivation, cattle-breeding to tool making. You will explore their traditional music and dance in an Odisha tribal tour and enjoy their food. Moreover, you will be able to know about their day to day activities including the time they spend in leisure.

Apart from the above, you can also tour Odisha for wildlife tourism in India and discover its magnificent wildlife reserves. There are prominent wildlife tourist destinations which are hard to single out. But, the places which have won international acclaim are the Bhitarkanika wildlife sanctuary, Nandankanan Zoological Park, Simlipal Biosphere Reserves and Chilika wildlife sanctuary. You will find a variety of species including the endangered ones over here. A tour of wild life Odisha will give some amazing moments to cherish. So, don’t wait and book a package for Odisha tour from a best agency.